A nice idea!


I was just going to tweet the video below and leave it at that, but I had a few ideas while on the train to work so have decided to turn it into a post.

The lesson deals with the topics of gadgets, advertising and sales, and provides opportunities to present and practice a variety of adjectival suffixes. It is suitable for use with upper-intermediate and advanced learners of English.

Step One : Spill-proof gadget video

a) Do a little open-class chatting about things that can go wrong when clubbing / going out.

b) Show your students the video below and ask them for their reactions.

Step Two : Vocabulary focus

a) Explain the meaning of proof (resistant, able to withstand) and ask students to think of things which could be: bulletproof, idiot-proof, shockproof, waterproof, childproof, foolproof etc

b) In…

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