Lego story (Continuation)



During a long period, this man had been studying diligently at school, regularly attended lectures and listened to professors attentively. Therefore, after finishing the university, he got a job where he worked with zeal from morning till the night. And once came that day when the dream of that man was realized. He got married to his principal’s daughter and shortly after that he was promoted. Consequently, almost in the next year they were able to buy a wonderful house and to save on a rather good car. In two months, his wife was to give birth to their first child. Doctors told he was going to have a girl. Our character had even chosen a proper name for her. The man’s life seemed to be fine, more than that, someone could say it was marvelous. Finally, that man got everything that he had ever dreamed.
Nevertheless, he did not feel like a happy man. On the contrary, the hero of our story was rather lonely and frustrated. A strange feeling was torturing him from inside like a bleeding wound in his heart.
One day, or to be precisely, one night the person came out of his house to look at night sky, where millions of stars twinkled in a darkness. A cold wind, chilling to the marrow, was tearing last leaves from trees, the streets were hollow and bleak. The man looked around seeking for his dream, as soon as it became harder to live without it.
Obviously you are going to ask what he was looking for, if all dreams were right under his very nose. Unfortunately, the car, he had dreamed of, became just an iron pile of alloyed components. The man estranged from his longed-for house hardly could understand the reason of that exasperated passion for buying it. Even the wife turned into a simple woman and was no longer a dream of his life. Thus, the man decided it would be better to leave this gorgeous house, hurl car keys into the night darkness, kiss his wife goodbye, and leave forever.
However, he did not go away. Our friend returned to the house, lay down next to his wife, and fell asleep. At that moment, he understood something that some people learn in childhood and some people, do not understand even in old age. The man realized that you should not dream about things that are easy to achieve. From that very time, he had been trying to contrive a new dream, a real one. Obviously, he did not manage to do that. However, the hero of our story lived dreaming about the real dream. And he was happy!


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